Rakennustyöntekijöitä työskentelemässä rakennustyömaalla

Oletko oikeita töitä etsimässä? Lisäpalvelu löytää yrityksellesi oikeat tekijät.

Meillä on jatkuvasti töitä tarjolla eri puolella Suomea ja lukuisilla eri toimialoilla. Tutustu vapaisiin työpaikkoihin ja ota yhteyttä.

Henkilöstövuokraus on joustava tapa hankkia työvoimaa yrityksesi tarpeisiin. Lisäpalvelu on kokenut ja luotettava kumppani. Kuulumme henkilöstöpalveluyritysten liittoon (HPL).


We supply trade workers every year for grocery and specialty shops

Staff leasing is a fast way to respond to fluctuating customer volumes. Optimizing your workforce makes your business even more profitable.

Allow an expert in recruitment and staff leasing to consider potential solutions for finding suitable professionals. We have known the workers in our network for a long time and have learned to place them in jobs that are just right for them.

Mies työntekijä tuomassa hedelmiä kaupan hyllylle marketissa

Our experts

Our partners can reach us 24/7 and we can react quickly to changing situations.

Services are produced in a variety of ways in trade – each client has a unique brand and a way of doing things. It is our goal to learn all about our clients’ approaches.

Ask us for more information and take advantage of our expertise. You can rely on our years of experience to ensure wise resource management.

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Personnel services for companies -
staff leasing and recruitment services

By outsourcing personnel and recruitment, you save time and money.

Read more about our services and contact us, and let's find out together how we can help your company in the field of personnel services.

Kollaasikuva, jossa eri alojen työntekijöitä

We have the right jobs available.

Find the right candidates for your company's personnel needs.

We always have jobs available. Contact us or submit an open application. We are your company's reliable personnel service partner. We do what we promise.