Personnel services

Staff leasing

Staff leasing is a flexible way to find workers to meet the needs of your company. We will take care of the time-consuming bureaucracy for you and you only pay for the hours actually performed.

We are a member of the Private Employment Agencies’ Association (HPL) and we comply with industry regulations.

Recruitment services

As recruitment professionals, it is important for us to perform staff recruitment in a professional manner so that your employer brand remains strong.

The recruitment consultant responsible for the assignment works either remotely or face-to-face according to the wishes of the people involved in the process.

Aptitude assessments may be used to support recruitment. These assessments are performed by our certified testers. Contact us to learn more about the recruitment process.

Aptitude assessments

Our experts can screen and test potential candidates, reducing the risk of failed recruitment. The purpose of aptitude assessments is to examine the candidate’s skills, motivation and personality.

Aptitude assessments are an effective solution for recruiting new employees and a useful tool for personnel development.

Aptitude assessments are easy to perform online either on a computer or a mobile phone. There are 40 language versions to choose from and you can find certified testers in all our locations.



If you want, you can leave your production or services in our hands and focus on developing your core business.

The biggest benefits of outsourcing are the predictable costs, effective resource management and the ability to flexibly adjust the size of your workforce.

We are agile in our responses, even to challenging situations, and our clients can reach us every day of the week.