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Privacy Policy

Description of file according to Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)


Lisäpalvelu Finland Oy
Business ID 2724102-3
Kariniemenkatu 39
15140 Lahti, Finland
Tel. +358 10 421 3431

Person in charge of the data file

Tomi Tikkanen

+358 44 427 2324

Name of the data file

Data file containing data on job applicants and the contact persons of employer organizations

Purpose of the data file

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to bring together the customers of Lisäpalvelu Oy and other companies in the same group, i.e. job applicants, and employers and to produce and develop services relevant to these activities, to manage customer relations and marketing.

Contents of the data file

Data in the following categories, among others, that are necessary for the purpose of the data file can be processed in the data file:

  • basic information of the applicant, such as name, contact information (address, email address, phone and fax numbers), gender, date of birth
  • more specific data related to the applicant that are necessary to determine their suitability for a job, such as education, occupation, special skills, driving licence information, possibility to use a car when working
  • where permitted and obligated by law, credit information, a background check and a criminal record extract and the related identification data are processed
  • data concerning the applicant’s personality and aptitude assessments and drug tests
  • data concerning the applicant’s previous and current employment relationships, such as employers, starting dates and durations of employment and the nature of duties, references given by the employer
  • applicant’s information concerning the job search, such as the desired job, desired salary, desired work location, possible information concerning the start and end of employment
  • basic information of the employer organization that is the controller’s client, such as the name and contact information (address, email address, phone and fax numbers) and the name and contact information of the contact person
  • information concerning the customer relationship between the controller and the data subjects, such as order information, information about meetings, possible direct marketing consents and bans and other communication between the parties and any recordings of phone calls and meetings
  • data concerning the service, such as information about the employer organization that is the controller’s client to which the applicant’s details have been sent.

Regular sources of data

The applicant and the contact person of the employer organization themselves, for example when submitting a job application or starting a customer relationship. Data concerning the applicant’s previous or current employment are collected with the applicant’s consent also based on feedback received from their employers. With the applicant’s consent, data can be collected from parties assessing the applicant, such as the controller’s employees who perform assessments and employer organizations that are the controller’s clients. Updates to personal data, such as updates to name and address information, are also obtained from companies that provide updating services and the authorities.

The Lisapalvelu.net website use Google Analytics and Google and Meta’s advertising tools, which are used to monitor the site’s visitor traffic and carry out targeted advertising.

Disclosure of data

Personal data concerning applicants that are saved in the data file are disclosed based on the consent given by the applicant to the employer organizations that are clients of the controller for the purpose of bringing together applicants and employers.

In addition, personal data stored in the data file are disclosed in the manner permitted and obligated by the law in force to the authorities who have a statutory right to obtain data from the data file, such as the tax authorities, pension insurance companies and the accident insurance company, and to service companies acting on behalf of the controller who act on the behalf of the controller with regard to the controller’s payment service, data processing or other similar tasks.

Lisäpalvelu Finland Oy does not disclose personal data stored in the data file to any other bodies except the ones above, unless consent for the disclosure of the data has been separately requested from the data subject.

For the sake of the technical performance of data processing, some of the data may be physically located on the servers of the subcontractors of Lisäpalvelu Finland Oy within the EU/EEA where they are processed using a technical interface in compliance with personal data legislation. Data are not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Data file protection

Data are collected into databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The databases are located in locked, guarded facilities and the data can be accessed only by pre-appointed persons, each of whom has been individually assigned access rights.

Right of access and right to rectification

In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, data subjects have the right of access to the data on them in a personal data file. The request to access the data must be signed and sent in writing to the address:

Lisäpalvelu Finland Oy
Tomi Tikkanen
Salpausselänkatu 34
45100 Kouvola, Finland

or delivered in person to the above address.

Data subjects have the right to request the controller to rectify, erase or supplement personal data contained in its data file and erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete as regards the purpose of the processing. If the request of a data subject of the rectification of an error is refused, a written certificate to this effect is issued to the data subject.

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